Make The Ocean Great Again – The Vision Lives On

By Nuri Max Steinmann.

More than three years ago, the idea for this blog was born. Back then, the world wasn’t facing a pandemic, but the global sentiment wasn’t that bright either. Climate change was soon recognized as a climate crisis, as powerful hurricanes, devastating wildfires, floods, record-breaking heat and Donald Trump were all over the place. The latter, was indeed something like a reverse inspiration for this blog. His whole narrative and destructive character, which also contributed to an overall very pessimistic image of the future, not just inspired the name of this blog, but also the core idea of telling positive stories, about people, who actually try to make a difference. Now that Trumps term is all but over and one can see the extent of his reign of chaos, his vision of a greater USA can be highly doubted. In October 2020, the Washington Post published an article stating, that Trump had rolled back more than 125 environmental safeguards. From justifying more oil and gas drilling in the oceans to major cuts in research funds, Trump has done much, but nothing great really and it will take some time to fix the damage.

Trump is (almost) gone, but COVID-19 is still raging. While the slow down of certain economies may have had positive effects on the environment, the long-term effects will be as challenging, from an increase in (plastic) pollution, to a slowdown in climate crisis adaption. “Green recovery” from COVID-19 is widely discussed, but if it can address the ever-growing climate emergency sustainably, remains to be seen.

However, one thing is certain, there will be no Gandalf on a white horse, coming heroically to the rescue. More than ever, it is up to politics, the economy, the global players, society, and each individual to make the right decisions and to finally turn things around. It is all out on the table and everyone should know by now what it’s all about. It’s the daily decisions about how we live, who we vote for, how we run our company, how we treat our fellow human beings and the natural world around us.

With this blog we want to continue to make our contribution and share the stories of inspiring people and projects, so that a spark of this inspiration may stick with one or the other.

We want to thank all of our more than 7000 readers from 136 countries who have visited us in 2020. See you again in 2021!

Happy New Year!


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